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About the Podcast

The Writing Your Resilience Podcast is for anyone who wants to use the writing process to flip the script on the stories they’ve been telling themselves, because when we tell better stories about ourselves, we live better lives. 

Every Thursday, host Lisa Cooper Ellison, an author, speaker, trauma-informed writing coach, and trauma survivor diagnosed with complex PTSD, interviews writers of tough, true stories, people who’ve developed incredible grit, and professionals in the field of psychology and healing who’ve studied resilience.

Equal parts instruction, motivation, and helpful guide, Writing Your Resilience is an opportunity for you to join a community of writers and professionals doing the work that helps us cultivate our authenticity and creativity. 

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Graphic including a middle aged white woman with silver hair and an african american woman with long black braids in a leopard-print top and green sweater to advertise Writing Your Resilience Podcast episode 3 Practicing Radical Acceptance

 Zebib Abraham joins the Writing Your Resilience Podcast to discuss why she writes fiction, the relationship between writing and mental health, and how practicing radical acceptance can help writers cultivate resilience and self-compassion.

Here are a few questions to ponder as you listen to this episode: Have you ever considered whether something should be written as fiction or nonfiction? Do you wonder which genre might be the most compassionate to you and allow you the freedom to explore your emotional truth? Do you know what self-compassion actually means and what it takes to cultivate it? 

About Your Host

Lisa Cooper Ellison is an author, speaker, and trauma-informed writing coach with an Ed.S in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She has spent the last two decades helping clients and students turn difficult experiences into art, and currently teaches courses in memoir, the psychology of writing, and the book proposal. Her essays have appeared in Huffington PostHippocampus Literary Magazine, and Kenyon Review Online, among others. 

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Become a Guest

The Writing Your Resilience Podcast seeks to interview authors, mental health professionals, and dynamic speakers with gritty stories who can speak to the podcast’s main themes and offer tips and guidance to our audience.

A certain number of slots for each season are reserved for invited guests. If you’re interested in pitching the podcast for one of the open interview slots, please listen to at least 3 – 5 podcast episodes, to get a sense of what’s already been covered and how you might add to this conversation.

When submitting your pitch, please include the following: your media kit, a short paragraph (less than 100 words) about why you’d be a good guest, and your favorite episode, as well as why you liked it. Don’t know what a media kit is, read “To Get on Podcasts, Create a Media Kit” by Michelle Glogovac.

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